Bulletin Accreditation

Sep 20, 2017

Bishop Ricken and Assistant Diocesan RE Director recognize our Parish Religious Education Program’s accomplishment during the September 10th Confirmation Mass

 On April 1, 2017, our Parish’s Religious Education Program was awarded the Green Bay Diocesan Certificate of Accreditation. 

The process took one year to complete.  During this time, 12 general areas of the program (Standards) were evaluate based on 51 sub-categories (benchmarks). For a parish to be accredited, they must meet 30 of the 36 essential sub-categories.

St John’s Religious Education program information was compiled, put into a binder and forwarded to the Diocesan Religious Education Office for review by an Accreditation Team.  After reviewing the parish data, the team spent two evenings here at St Johns observing the program and interviewing students, catechists and parents.  Our Religious Education program was rated on how well we met the 51 sub-categories/benchmarks.  We are happy to report that our Parish Program earned more than the required 30 essential sub-categories and in fact exceeded Diocesan standards and expectations in several areas including prayer, resources, and Christian Environment.  Now, we are one of only four parishes in the Green Bay Diocese to be fully accredited.  It is important to note that the Green Bay Diocese is the first in the nation to offer Religious Education Accreditation so we are in fact one of four in the nation! 

Special thanks to all our catechists, students, and families for being a part of this amazing program!

Mary Carter
Director of Religious Education